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    GooL Gallery - Services

    Business Applications.

    There are a number of business applications promotes by Gismotics using GooL:

    1.Viral Marketing.
    One application of GooL is in Viral Marketing. This is where a short cartoon, a game or other document (usually amusing or interesting) is passed on from one internet user to another and which contain some advertising element. GooL can be used to create similar content i.e. art works, comics and cartoons, or games packed into a relatively small executable file and which can include sound and animation.

    2.Creating Attractive Web-site Content.
    Free downloads will enhance a web-site and encourage visitors to return to a web-site. Again in this context GooL can produce relatively small executable programs suitable for downloading - in just the same way as the Gismotics Gallery. Regularly presenting a free cartoon or game would cause visitors to come back to your site. For Web-Masters involved in Affiliate programs encouraging return visits to a web-site is most important.

    Gismotics Services.
    Gismotics are the source for Viral advertising for any size of business. Previously mainly used by large corporations, Viral advertising is now within reach of of smaller businesses (somehow Gismotics services are especially suited to smaller businesses!) simply due to the very reasonable cost of waging an advertising campaign using Gismotics and GooL.
    Gismotics provide a webpage where a standard or customised GooL message can be hosted. Prices range according to requirements but a basic small business kit including: - one standard GooL message customised with a message and/or photo or other artwork. - a webpage where the message can be reached, active for a year (especially important for customers who do not have their own webpage). - artwork for stickers for stationary if required (please apply for the full price list).

    For a campaign to work you need something very eye-catching and customised with your own details and artwork.
    Each GooL program requires intensive work to customise - even the selection of a standard work then customised with your business information and artwork, photos, etc.
    Then you also have work to do publicising the results in your own distribution list - but then the power of viral advertising kicks in as your message ripples out beyond your immediate contacts to bring your goods and services to new audiences. Like all advertising this is a numbers game but with the added incentive of your contacts to distribute your customised GooL message you can reach those new contacts.

    For non-personal applications (business, educational, charitable, etc.) a contractual agreement with Gismotics is required which would involve a negotiated licence fee (which may be nominal for non-profit applications).

    Full Marketing Support.
    Services could include creation of a GooL program to customer specification. This could only be performed to a negotiated price depending on the complexity and nature of the customer's requirements. Please apply to contact@gismotics.com outlining the requirements for a detailed quotation.

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    Case Study - Canine Care Dog Charity
    Canine Care are a charity in Bournemouth, U.K., who care for dogs whose owners have died making no provision for their pets. They rehome some of the dogs but others are too old or frail to be found new homes, so they stay with the charity as house pets for the rest of their lives.

    Canine Care generate income to look after the dogs in their care from selling gift items. These are gifts such as paperweights, pendants, greetings cards, and so on, which include a customer's photograph - for example a pill box topped with a photograph on the lid. They promote their products at a summer dog show and an exhibition over the Christmas festive season.

    For Canine Care Gismotics created a web page which includes the brochure of products and a pricelist plus a special Christmas message that can be downloaded and sent by e-mail to the charity's contacts.

    This allows Canine Care to take advantage of the power of Viral Advertising on the Internet to boost visibility for their products at a time of year when many other "worthy causes" are clamouring for attention. Their products and services are detailed on the webpage; but in particular the special Christmas message is an amusing talking point which Canine Care and their supporters can send on to their friends to make fresh contacts (and generate more business for Canine Care's products).

    At Christmas, Canine Care sends their supporters Christmas Cards by post to those contacts that do not readily use the Internet.
    Gismotics has provided stickers with notice of the webpage for Canine Care's Christmas cards as they are keen to share Gismotics special Christmas message with as many of their supporters as possible.
    E-Mail, however, has the added benefit as that saves the postage; but it is rather impersonal. So this year Canine Care can include the special Christmas message created by Gismotics in theri e-mails (this can be as an attachment or as a reference to the webpage at

    You can click on the following link to see the webpage and Christmas Message that Gismotics has provided for Canine Care: Canine Care Charity

    If you are a business or charity, small or large, interested in any of Gismotics Business Services, or would like further information, please contact:

    Gismotics wish to make clear that GooL is a Microsoft Windows program and will only run on the Windows platform preferably a relatively modern PC - Pentium running Windows XP but many of the applications run on less, and all are tested on a range of PCs including an old 486 PC running Windows 98 just for good measure!